Your choice of durable, efficient and reliable home safes

When we think of a home safe, the image that often pops into our head is that of a bank. However, you don’t have to be a banking institution and carry a lot of cash in order to have your own a safe!

We all have objects that are valuable to us. Important documents, letters or belongings that we want to protect and that mean something to us. The Serrurier Amherst team understands this and has expert knowledge when it comes to recommending the best home safe for your personal needs.

To each his own home safe

Robust and resistant, our safes are an excellent option when you’ve decided you want to protect your belongings. Serruriers Amherst Inc offers a wide range of products perfectly suited for homes and businesses, including restaurants and hotels. Among these, you‘ll find:

Anti-theft Home Safes - Serruriers Amherst

Anti-theft safe boxes equipped with digital, combination or keyed locks. Interior dimensions will normally vary between 12’’ x 12’’ x 12’’ à 50’’x 20’’ x 20’’ approximately.

Fire proof safe - Serruriers Amherst Montréal

Fire-proof safe boxes can resist temperatures up to 177⁰C (350⁰F) and will protect documents and objects. For digital material, you would need a media fire-proof safe that keeps material at temperatures inferior to 52⁰C (125⁰F)* even in the event that exterior temperatures arise.

Deposit Home Safe

Deposit safes generally include a cash box and a steel door. Locks can either be combination or digital. Depository safes can have a rotary hopper feature with one or two slots or be front-loading.

A team of experts

Serruriers Amherst Inc., is a team of experts that will advise and help you through the purchase and installation of your safe box as well as a guarantee that you’re choosing quality products that are manufactured by prestigious brands.

To buy one of our home safes, go directly to our company to discover our wide range of products. We will be happy to advise you so that you can make the best choice. For more information about our home alarm systems or our other products, contact one of our locksmith and security system experts.