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Installing an intercom system : a safe choice

Whether you own a house or a business or even rent an apartment, you can make your space safer by installing an intercom system. This safe and simple device allows you to identify visitors visually or vocally prior to letting them in.

Intercom et serrure électronique

Different options of intercom system are available for you!

Contrary to popular belief, there are several different types of intercom system with varying functionalities. A standard intercom will include a device that’s installed outside the door, plus an answering and unlocking system that’s available to you inside the property. With a video intercom, you’ll be able to see who’s standing at the door. Options are multiple and diversified. For expert advice you can rely on our team of experts. They can clearly explain features and help you make the right decision for your needs.

Digital locks


Often used in industrial settings, digital locks offer flexibility and control when you have several entry points for a given building or business. This technology allows you to supervise staff arrivals and departures and can even be used to replace the punch cards still being used in some companies around the world.

Combined with a triggered, pre-programmed video device, this feature allows you to double check the identity of all people entering your building. It’s important to state that access control is not limited to the industrial sector. It can, in fact, be used in residential areas as well and is much less complicated than one might think. Combined with classique locks, it helps control access when, for example, you have people with extra sets of keys that you wouldn’t want entering at any given time. Access control can also be linked to your alarm system for increased security. There are a multitude of possibilities available for homeowners.

Serruriers Amherst Inc. means expert advice, premium brands such as Farfisa, Fermax, Mircom and professional installation. Our service is excellent and our number one priority is always your safety.

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